Mary Mary... Where does your Garden Grow?

A trip on the Elven wild side

Puyallup, as diverse and shadow ridden of a district as they come, is where our team operates from. On the north western edge you Have loveland, a place that makes most of the Redmond Barrens look safe. Controlled by no one, fought over by syndicates and gangs alike this stretch of no mans land along Route 7 Is about to explode. Gang violence is on the rise and This time the Ancients are fronting the newest drug craze Crimson Bliss +. Can the runners find Profit at the end of this run and keep Seattle from another Tempo Nightmare?


Knight Errant Press release

12 November 2072

Recent Events in southern Seattle have Lead to the formation of a Joint Task Force between Knight Errant and the UCAS Military Police in Fort Lewis. The Task Force Identified a new awakened drug being sold in Puyallup by the Ancients go gang. the new Dug is a modified version of the popular opiate Crimson Bliss. however this one seems to shut down the nervous system of meta-humans making them sleep through the high and and only remember the trip as a dream. however it is very dangerous since frequent use was resulting in Overdose and death.

after an initial investigation into the drugs effects, Knight Errant officers and members of the Joint Task force with the cooperation of many residents of both Loveland and Tarislar where able to locate and neutralize both the distribution and production Hubs in Puyallup.

Knight Errant and the Governor of Seattle assure the residents of Seattle that they are on top of the Situation and the Criminals behind the blatant attack on the great citizens of this City are being dealt with to the full extent of the law.


<<< Yes Thank you “Joint Task Force” for helping get this drug off the street. some times it takes a Shadow team to get the job done correctly. and you guys did great.

Star Loner >>>

<<< the Underworld is abuzz with the Audacity of the elves to try and muscle in on the Opium Trade in Seattle. but more importantly The Ancients have also cleaned house. a large number of ancient Heads have been delivered with apologies to both the Yakuza and the Octagon. I don’t know what happened but the results are startling to say the least and this “Joint Task Force” may have headed off a major war between the ancients and the Triads and Yakuza. I would add my well done to the “JTF” shadow team who pulled this off.

Mihoshi Oni >>>

<<< The Triads are still fuming over this. It may not be open war But if I had pointy ears Rode Motorcycles and wore leathers on a regular basis. I might invest in a new wardrobe for a few months and not be seen in Tacoma.

Lei Kung >>>


<<< Message to Star Loner:
Wouldn’t it be important to let the others in the Shadows know about the reason why this drug was even created? Thwarting off the war was good; prevents more opportunities for them to come here. I’ll try to keep our ears open to see if we come across any further plots.

Ghost >>>


<<< Jeeves yes I would like to connect to the matrix. Jeeves ?!? Am I connected yet? >>>

<<< Yes sir you have been connected for 15 seconds now >>>

<<< Uhm Jeeves? how do I tell if I am speaking on the net ?? >>>

<<< Sir you will notice a little blinking red light in the corner of you display. everything you say will be recorded and put on the matrix >>>

<<< So everything I have said for the last minute or so is now on the matrix? >>>

<<< Yes sir for 58 seconds now >>>

<<< (audible face palm) Well now everyone is going to think I am a idiot, Thanks Jeeves >>>

<<< You are more welcome sir; may I be of any further assistance? >>>

<<< (grumble) No thank you Jeeves, Well hello I am Panzer Faust I am a Bear shaman still getting used to the matrix. So here is my 2 cents the official task force was late to the party and blew up the distribution center. But only after “Jiont task force in the shadows had it well in hand”. However they seemed to have missed the leadership making its way out the back door. Thanks to Joint shadow task force they tracked down the leadership and put them out of commission permanently. At least so the spirits tell me. Ok Jeeves done recording. >>>

<<< very well sir

Jeeves and Panzer Faust >>>

arcaneblunder raylyynsedai

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