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Only ever seen on the Matrix this Mysterious little girl was once thought to be the E-ghost of one of The Echo Mirage team of hackers that fixed Crash 1.0. but this little girl is no e-ghost. her skills are nearly at the level that the Echo Mirage team’s where reputed to be. she wanders the Matrix visiting young Hackers who catch her eye and helps teach them the ropes so they do not get wasted. she seems to have no agenda and does not participate in runs beyond helping her friends out of jams. It is believed the only person who <<< section deleted By Sysop. Admin code 12gu45;1ief9… Admin Code accepted >>> But those rumors have never been confirmed.

<<< Sorry folks I don’t normally edit Bio’s but that information is hers to tell to you.

FastJack >>>

Alice Matrix Contact
Skills: Cracking Group 6, Electronics Group 6
Knowledge Skills: English N



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