Mary Mary... Where does your Garden Grow?
A trip on the Elven wild side

Puyallup, as diverse and shadow ridden of a district as they come, is where our team operates from. On the north western edge you Have loveland, a place that makes most of the Redmond Barrens look safe. Controlled by no one, fought over by syndicates and gangs alike this stretch of no mans land along Route 7 Is about to explode. Gang violence is on the rise and This time the Ancients are fronting the newest drug craze Crimson Bliss +. Can the runners find Profit at the end of this run and keep Seattle from another Tempo Nightmare?

Shadows, The Awakened and the Blues
The first Run Review posted on Jackpoint

It was Open Mic Night at the Spirit Focus, and the runners had a front row seat. Free drinks are served to a strange group of four. A gorgeous Lady wearing a Blue Evening gown Sits at the table looking like a trid sex star in the flesh. A Dwarf with a Mohawk and Painted Trodes, sits next to a Mexi-american Sporting some Aztec tattoos. A troll in a London Fog Overcoat and wearing Tribal and other fetishes Towers over a Man wearing every day clothes quietly sipping his drink.

it is the spirit focus so they do not seem to far out of place. then they are taken back by the Bars resident Shaman, Smoke Dancer to the Owners Offices. There the Four meet the Owner and Fixer, Mrs Smith, a Beautiful African woman with a rich southern accent. After a Short time Mrs. Smith contacts The Jolt and informs him that he has a team of runners ready and willing to meet him.

Bad intel, five, ghost gets forgotten a lot for some reasonWow, talk about short changing the moment. In a room with more matrix security than some small government’s (not complaining, impressed), we met with a new team and had to pick from a group of johnsons, not just to take or drop a job, but WHICH one, all going after ONE GIRL! We had to in short order come to mutual agreement and get because time was of the essence.

Uhm. I talk in here right Glitch? It puts what I say on matrix thing? Right? KK got it. I mean I keep forgetting ghost is there he has like no presence. Kinda scary. As to getting the girl time was rushed (low rumble) Bear does not like to be rushed; in this bear and I are in agreement. As my friend glitch said time was not on our side.

It’s not my fault I don’t wish to dress up in flashy neon and make a spectacle of myself. After all, our business is the Shadows and the more you blend in, the better.

Though, one of you did say you recognized me. Smoking Mirror mentioned I looked familiar. I may have to talk in depth with him on this matter.

the Team borrows a room next door and Enters into negotiations with Jolt for the job Via a VR meeting. once completed the team leaves by van and Helicopter to gather their tools and begin the Investigation.

The Team arrives at the Crime Scene of a nasty Assault On the edge of Bellevue and Renton where a Van was Ambushed and Video cameras show a Teenage Girl being abducted by a team of Men in tailored Suits In a Limo. K.E. is still investigating the Incident but sources have shown that the team was interviewed by detectives and left the scene shortly afterwards heading North towards the Bellevue Mall.
I just want to say that the higher ups at K.E. are noble competent individuals who fully appreciate the skills and abilities of their wageslaves.
HA! ok I tried to keep a straight face but I couldn’t….oh man… but seriously thanks Tex!

Star Loner seems to be a valuable asset. I will do what I can to stay within this contact’s good graces.

It is there we pick the team up on Parking Lot security cameras where they enter the Red Dragon club. we lose track of the team there but My sources tell me they caused quite the stir among the Poser Crowd a real Troll and Dwarf Dancing with the Teenagers. Sources also tell me an Elf woman tried to make it into the gambling rooms in the back and was turned away by the Clubs security. Later a Woman in a red Dress was escorted from the Room and shown the back door where alley cameras show her getting a shocking good bye. The team quickly leaves the club and picks the woman up in the alley and gets back into their Van.
do the troll bear shuffle I so hated that. It felt wrong to have to many little humans obsessing over me.
So here is the thing about Kraze, the girl is impossibly skilled and as beautiful as an angel…elf..dragon…hybrid thingy. Thing of it is, she sometimes misses things… and they are always important things… Sometimes she is majestic like a griffin soaring, other times, like a magtrain colliding head on into that griffen. Yes she is majestic like a albatross. Beautiful flights but the landings are always rough and on occasion end up behind a dumpster. I felt sorry for pretty little elf.

I couldn’t see much from the corner of the club. I was surrounded by posers… I remember her being rejected then leaving, then a blue dressed girl getting behind the bouncer.. Only to find that Kraze was that woman. Fortunately, she was mostly uninjured when we found her.

We lose track of the Team again Until we get Video Footage of the Team leaving a Benraku Parlor owned by the Shoto Zumi-Gumi in Everett. They are carrying a Young girl believed to be the Same Girl in the footage from the K.E. Crime Scene.
ok, I am not dropping mission secrets here, but seriously, we are straight up awesome. You think a troll with chrome is scary, HAH! wait til you see a troll possessed by some crazy Viking spirit comes to kill you! And don’t think you can defend yourself, cause his cover isn’t some lazy sniper, its a glitch who will hack your brain and a ghost who will alter reality itself. Think we can’t get in? well a single smile can cause men to erupt(literally) in Krazy desire and any does she can’t open, I can. Then when the Smoke invisibly gets behind you, you won’t know it til its to late.

What in the drek are you talking about?

A short time after this Run Jolt posted a Thank you to Glitch, no not our Glitch but a glitch, who is presumed to be the teams Hacker and is rumored to use a Magician Persona. this Glitch and several team members named,Craze, PanzerFaust, Ghost and Smoking mirror; received Positive Ratings on Both ShadowSea and Jackpoint for helping out Jolt in a Pinch and completing a Botched Extraction. Presumably the Girl, a user named Mako also left this message for the team on both Datahaven Boards.

<<< *Glitch and friends,
Thank you so much for rescuing me from the Benraku Parlor. I am sorry you where kept in the Dark but it was necessary to insure the success of my extraction. I do love my parents, but I could no longer stay in MCT for fear of my own personal safety. I hope to one day meet you. know now though that I am safe in the Shadows. My previous life is being erased as we speak and I will Live happily with the Love of my Life.

Mako* >>>

<<< *Stay away from my Clubs and Girl Chummers!

Romeo X*>>>

Oh, I like that.. “Glitch and friends”… nah. Magic 5… no. CRAZY MAGES GEEKING PROBLEMS! No. Don’t like that either.
Ok, What’s important here it that it doesn’t matter what you call us. You got a job, ask your local fixer for the team of Awakened. We can get it done, doesn’t matter what the job is, we got the skills you need.

Glitch and friends. <*sigh*> Now I feel like after school special. A mage unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit. These men (and woman) promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Seattle underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as mages of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the mAge-Team. (I so call dibs on being B.A. Baracus)

<<< Afterschool special… snicker Who the drek is B.A. Baracus???


<<< Wow pop 20Cent reference from Panzerfaust WTG Chummer show off them 2d video referencing skills! Dev darling it was a show on television, you’ve seen those in the museums, from the 20th century. They where kind of runners, but without magic and cyber ware, they where definitely Hoods of the highest degree. Oh yeah and it was the US government that was hunting them not AAA corporations.


<<< Thanks Grand-pa! I love it when you tell us about the good ol’ days!



<<< What the… mAge Team… really Panzer? that is terrible! Also none of us went to jail, to my knowledge… Panzer I hunted the matrix for hours looking for this B. A. Baracus but it looks like most of the data was lost. Only thing I could find was this Pic.
If they made enough N¥ to have that many gold chains for no reason… they must have been great runners….

Finally it has come to my attention that that I accidently edited the info above instead of posting in between. Worse, using my hook up, Panzer did the same. I have fixed the bug in my editing program (never use a suite out of the box). It won’t happen again.

@Romeo X – I have no problem leaving you and your clubs alone. However, remember that Mako is her own woman; she does not belong to you or anyone.

@Mako – Good luck. Call us again if you need us.



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