Eighth Street NE & Bellevue Way

One of the metroplex’s oldest shopping centers, Bellevue Square was originally built in the 1960’s. It was extensively renovated and updated for its centennial celebration a few years ago and offers five floors of shopping, dining, and two nightclubs: Angel Express and
Dragon’s Roar.

<<< Both clubs are largely controlled by the Mafia, something the local Yakuza is none too happy about, but they haven’t really been in a position to do anything about it without destroying the value of the properties, which is just bad for business.

Khan-A-Saur >>>

<<< The “Body+Tech” franchise in Bellevue Square has a reputation for looking the other way and not logging certain “elective” procedures, provided the fees are right. Stay away from the “A Whole New You” there unless you’re going for something strictly cosmetic, however.

Nephrine >>>


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