The so-called “elven mafia,” Laésa—which means “the forgotten” in Sperethiel—got its start among the elven exiles from Tir Tairngire in the Tarislar neighborhood of Puyallup. The syndicate’s core was the Rinelle ke’Tesrae, the rebel organization looking to oust the Council of Princes. The criminal contacts they built in Tarislar absorbed some local elven gangs like the Princes of the Blood, forming a secret organization devoted to funneling information, resources, and contraband into Tir Tairngire, extracting the same, and bringing it to Seattle.

After the overthrow of the Council, rather than dissolving, Laésa found more opportunities than ever as elven refugees and exiles poured into the metroplex, many looking to get back into the country, or smuggle property or loved ones out. The more porous borders of Tir Tairngire offered new smuggling opportunities, and some ex-patriots in Seattle were willing to pay handsomely for a little taste of home, whatever that might mean for them.

<<< It can mean anything from bottles of elven liquor like taéngelé to family heirlooms, magical goods, elven pornography (sorry, “erotica”), or whatever else they want. As long as the money’s there, the Laésa provide.

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Laésasa (the term for individual members of the syndicate) all speak Sperethiel and use it as a code language. Many are trained in the elven martial art of carromeleg and they’re also well supplied with weapons for their own defense. They have a reputation as protectors in Tarislar, so the locals are reluctant to provide any information to outsiders, allowing the laésasa to disappear into the community at will.

<<< That’s by no means a universal opinion, however. Some in Tarislar consider the Laésa a pox on the community and want them gone, but they don’t have the resources to do anything about it, and anyone informing to Knight Errant gets made an example of, so people learn to keep their mouths shut.

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<<< The Laésa have been experimenting with elven drugs and herbal extracts lately, especially their namesake drug laés. They’ve already turned out leäl, a popular new date-rape drug that erases the victim’s memory of the last hour, knocking them out for about ten minutes (which is about nine minutes longer than most of these losers need). Their latest is something called “fairy dust,” thats gives a euphoric high with some entertaining hallucinations and is being compared to a “lighter” version of tempo, without some of the nastier side-effects, at least thus far.

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