The Ancients
Turf: All over Seattle
Colors: Green

The Ancients are an elves-only go-gang dating back to the 2030’s, with chapters all over the
world, but the Seattle gang is famous (or infamous) as home to malcontents and exiles from Tir Tairngire. The members wear a modified anarchy symbol—a circled “A”—in blood-red or acid-green, often painted on the backs of their jackets and the sides of their bikes. Although the Ancients aren’t a wizzergang, they’re known to have more than their share of spell-slingers, meaning they can take on some heavy ordinance when they need to. The gang practically controls the smuggling routes between Salem, Portland, and Seattle, and they run protection scams all over their turf, sometimes bringing them up against rival gangs or syndicates. The leaders of the Ancients are a woman called Sting and a guy called Green Lucifer, who is known to be a Tir exile. They’ve run the show for nearly two decades now, which should give you an Idea of just how ruthless they are.

<<< The Ancients have a lot of influence in Puyallup and Tarislar, but they don’t work unopposed there. The Laésa barely tolerate the ganger’s, and vice versa while some of the community organizers and neighborhood groups in Tarislar struggle to be rid of both organizations.

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<<< A third factor in the Laésa/Ancients conflict is the number of new Tir ex-patriots in and around Seattle. Rumor has it a lot of them are looking to turn either group into the center of a new power base, or use their connections to the homeland to get assets and people in or out of Tir Tairngire. Thus far, both the syndicate and the gang have agreed that the former fat cats who exiled a lot of them in the first place are going to pay dearly for the privilege of their assistance.

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