The Spirit Focus

Spanaway – McKenna Highway & 208th Street

You can Find Seattle’s finest Blues and Jazz at this club near Fort Lewis and the NAN border. The Style is that of the intimate, smoky jazz club’s of the 20th century, and the Spirit Focus is known for having Live performances. Wealthy jazz enthusiasts (wether genuine connoisseurs or poeurs showing off how “cultured” they are) regularly patronize the club, some coming from as far away as California. The live performances and the club’s atmosphere also make it popular with the Local awakened crowd.

<<< Which wasn’t such a good thing when some wizkid high on tempo almost litterally “brought the house down” one night when he frreaked out during a performance. The club’s security put his lights out in time, but it was a pretty near thing, from what i hear. The “music lover’s” drug was banned from the place immediately thereafter.

Ethernaut >>>

<<< Speaking of security, the Spirit Focus has a long standing agreement with the Yakuza to keep the peace in and around the Club. So far this has not caused any problems with the other Seattle Syndicates, who probably do not want to start something in a place regularly packed with VIP’s and thier own Private Security

Star Loner >>>

<<< I know that the Yak protection is only “Outside” the Club. the New owner, a southern Lady, made it very clear recently that Inside was Neutral Territory to the Syndicates. however she still pays homage to the Oyabun in order to keep peace outside of the Club.

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The Spirit Focus

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