Obviously of mixed European and native Mexican descent; tall, dark, and handsome, inevitably with a smirk or a knowing gleam in his eyes. Long black hair, a fire serpent tattoo around his left arm with the head resting on the back of his hand, a plumed serpent around his right in the same style, a tattoo on his back of an Aztec jaguar, and one on his chest and stomach of an eagle on a cactus with its wings spread. Usually wears black jeans and a black leather jacket with an anarchy A painted on the back. Jaguar tooth and claw necklace, as well as a variety of charms and fetishes, belt pouch, Aztec ear plugs, pierced septum, usually bunch of colored feathers tied into his hair.


Name: Tezcatlipoca (Tez-Cat-Li-Po-Ca, English Translation: Smoking Mirror)
Real Name: Unknown
Also Known As: Coyotol, Coyote’s Heir, the Naked Bandit, Gluscap, Iktomi, Loki the Second, “that insane bastard”, variety of obscenities and epithets

Known History: The individual in question has proven extremely elusive. So far we have been able to learn the following: As far as we can determine, he lived a more or less unremarkable childhood in Payson Arizona until the Matrix Crash of ’64. While we can only guess at the specifics, we have been able to determine that he afterwards took up with a traveling curandero known only as Xiuhcoatl (Shi-Oo-Co-Ot-Al, English translation: Flame Serpent); probably not his real name. Xiuhcoatl is even more elusive than Tezcatlipoca, he’s apparently off the grid entirely. As such we’ve only been able to find that he’s a major figure in an underground movement in Aztlan that follows the old Mesoamerican beliefs, but opposes Aztechnology’s usurpation of them.

Our records pick up Tezcatlipoca again some years later. He reappeared calling himself by that name and claiming to be the instrument of his namesake. As he proved to have effective magical abilities, it could very well be true. Said namesake is one of the most powerful, important, and destructively capricious gods in the Aztec pantheon, and his actions have followed that paradigm almost exactly. Tezcatlipoca first appeared on the corporate radar three years ago due to his involvement with the Barrio Riots in El Paso. While the exact details of his involvement remain elusive, Aztechnology was motivated to put a price on his head. Following the Barrio Riots, he has been linked to the following incidents:

- A massive security breach and mass escape from an institute for the criminally insane in Akron Ohio. As of this writing most of the escapees remain at large.

-Set fire to a country club in Memphis. When firefighters arrived to try to put out the blaze, they discovered evidence that it was a secret Humanis meeting place.

-Worked with a group of shadowrunners for a still unknown employer to kidnap and ransom an executive of Horizon corporation. The executive was returned naked, hairless, and covered, literally, head to toe in obscene and insulting tattoos.

-the Naked Bandit Incident. Not sure why I need to describe it, since footage of it is on every broadcasting network you can name and hundreds that you can’t. But, in the interest of completeness; a year ago several mega corporate groups decided it would be great PR to hold a charity banquet and broadcast it to the world in real-time. Somehow, an armed group managed to sneak past the security and rob all the important people there at gunpoint in front of the cameras before escaping. To add insult to injury our man, who it appears was leading the group, did it all completely nude. According to rumors we’ve uncovered, that last was to win a bet. We still weren’t able to get a good pic of his face due to the face paint the was wearing (although everything else…), and none of the stolen valuables have of yet been recovered.

Modus Operandi: And those are just the incidents we can positively link him to; although Tezcatlipoca has long been rumored or guessed to be involved in multiple incidents of theft, grand theft, physical assault, vandalism, arson, inciting civil and labor unrest, data piracy, and indecent exposure, among others. He is known to work with criminals, shadow runners, activist groups, cults, gangs, and subversive groups of all kinds. He travels a lot, and is very good at staying below the radar until he pulls off his latest criminal act.
Tezcatlipoca’s most dangerous traits are that he is elusive, and extremely unpredictable. Nobody is ever sure what he is really up to until his plan is pulled off. Motive is a complete mystery to everyone but him, unless it is to undermine the foundations of society; and we are still a long way off from ruling that one out.


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