The Octagon

Seattle’s smallest Triad, the Octagon has ties to the Red Dragon Association in Hong Kong, and started out as part of the Association’s offensive against the Yellow Lotus. Unfortunately, the Octagon has not been as successful as their homeland counterparts, and have failed to eliminate their rivals in Seattle.

The Octagon’s stronghold is in the Little Asia area of Tacoma, where they control weapons smuggling coming from China and other parts of the Pacific Rim. They also bring in drugs and other contraband via the Tacoma docks and secret smuggling drop-off points along the coast.

<<< A lot of those drugs aren’t specifically recreational, but black market medicines,
in demand with the various street docs and black clinics in the ‘plex.

Butch >>>

David Gao, the Octagon lodgemaster, is a shell of his former self. The once-proud gang-leader is rarely seen in public and communicates primarily via the Matrix. Most of the business of the Triad falls to his Incense Master, Chen Kwan-Ti, who came to Seattle from mainland China in 2055.

<<< Which, as it happens, is when David Gao’s decline really accelerated. It was originally thought that Kwan-Ti was sent by the Red Dragon Association to press for more action against the Yellow Lotus, but these days it’s looking more like the Octagon’s Incense Master is playing his own game.

Kat o’ Nine Tales >>>

<<< A lot of people think Gao is sick; he’s lost weight and developed a pallor, but even stranger rumors say he eats regularly at the Peaceable Kingdom in Tacoma at least a couple of times a month, but always in private with just a few bodyguards or trusted associates, but enough serving trays and dishes to feed twenty people.

> Khan-A-Saur >>>

The Octagon

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